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Puglia and its red wines, an ancient love story

Patience, care, stubbornness, the sun and the sea of ​​Puglia: the history of our red wines begins in the south of Puglia, in very ancient times.

and red wines

If already in the VII – VI century BC. in Salento, in the countryside of Manduria, vines were grown, for a reason: the ”mare nostrum”, with its perfect microclimate, caresses the grapes and makes them a masterpiece.
This is why our vines have their roots in the ‘red earth’ that overlooks the Mediterranean, and produce red wines that are the synthesis of this perfect marriage. ry to close your eyes and taste a glass of Primitivo, Negroamaro or Susumaniello: closing your eyes you will be able to feel the sun, the sea, the Alberobello expanses, the red and calcareous earth and the people who have expertly worked it for millennia.

Puglia and its white wines, the story of a marvel

The Itria Valley, the pearl of Puglia, is that place where a single glance from the hill embraces the sea: a poem that naturally pervades every glass of wine grown in this land.

Valle d'Itria
and white wines

There is a place in Puglia where the light is blinding and the spaces infinite. A land that is still authentic, of very ancient traditions, where expanses of olive trees as far as the eye can see and almond trees meet the sapling vineyards: Martina Franca, pearl of the Valle d’Itria.
Here at an altitude of 450 meters our white wines are born, from the intersection of these smells and flavours, where the moon is closer and the sea is a blue stripe all around the horizon. The perfect terroir in which to grow our Minutolo, Bianco di Alessano and Verdeca.
The temperature range makes them fresh on the palate and on the nose, our processing from the field to the glass makes them little jewels that we take care of with attention, to offer you a sip of the truest Puglia in every glass.

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