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Cultivating native vines and respecting their characteristics is an act of courage and love.
But it is only in this way that in an oenological world made up of white swans, the elegance of our wine is a black swan, indeed, a Cignomoro.

We produce wines
like ancient secrets

When we founded Cignomoro in 2008, we had clear ideas: to challenge the standardization of flavors and give life to Apulian wines that were unique, elegant and harmonious at every sip.

This is also why we are a ”Boutique Winery”: every single bottle is part of a limited, almost pampered production, which we personally take care of from the bunch to the sip, to amaze palates who are not satisfied.

We choose to believe in our land and in the most authentic wine: this is how the most modern winemaking techniques embrace ancient practices that are almost rituals, such as hand-picking the grapes.
We love feeling like we are the courageous custodians of an ancient land, without compromise.

A journey that starts from afar and reaches everywhere

Cignomoro is not just a cellar, it is a method, a choice and a travel story.
Yes, because we choose to take you by the hand on a journey through time, in search of ancient flavours, in an experience made of love and passion for the land of Puglia and for its most authentic and too often forgotten flavours.

Wine Collection

Each Cignomoro wine is a bottled poem to be shared with those you love, an emotion that starts from Puglia and travels all over the world. It’s time to choose yours carefully.

Choose the wine,
our Luxury Box
it's a gift

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